Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Istanbul, Barcelona, Amsterdam

The CYA semester is drawing to a close! Yesterday was the last day of classes and tomorrow is my first final exam. And on the 19th- it's off to explore the rest of Europe! So this will probably be one of, if not the, last post I write from Greece. Looking over it, I suppose the title "Jevhon in Athens" was a misnomer since most of my pictures and postulations come from traveling throughout the rest of Greece and Europe. And here's another round of pictures proving as much:


a palace, not THE Palace


Inside the Hagia Sophia

A view of the Mosque of Sultanahmet (aka the Blue Mosque) from our hotel room


EVERYTHING is art in Barcelona


At the Heineken Experience

Rembrandt's Studio

A black face parade- SO NOT OKAY

PS I apologize that my posts have became much less cerebral and -by that- I mean have devolved into just pictures but the person I wrote the emails to is now here in the flesh! That and I've gotten much lazier.