Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Istanbul, Barcelona, Amsterdam

The CYA semester is drawing to a close! Yesterday was the last day of classes and tomorrow is my first final exam. And on the 19th- it's off to explore the rest of Europe! So this will probably be one of, if not the, last post I write from Greece. Looking over it, I suppose the title "Jevhon in Athens" was a misnomer since most of my pictures and postulations come from traveling throughout the rest of Greece and Europe. And here's another round of pictures proving as much:


a palace, not THE Palace


Inside the Hagia Sophia

A view of the Mosque of Sultanahmet (aka the Blue Mosque) from our hotel room


EVERYTHING is art in Barcelona


At the Heineken Experience

Rembrandt's Studio

A black face parade- SO NOT OKAY

PS I apologize that my posts have became much less cerebral and -by that- I mean have devolved into just pictures but the person I wrote the emails to is now here in the flesh! That and I've gotten much lazier.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm going to Paris this weekend! I'm so very excited! Anyway, my computer nearly died last night (and my camera's dead too :( Curse you Hermes!) so I thought I'd save some photos on here- also so you can see my photos (and photos by friends) too! Okay, consider this the clip show of blog posts.


polygonal walls- Earthquake proof

The Reconstructed columns from Athena's temple below the temple to Apollo

Around Athens (limtd)

the Hephaistion

View of the Acropolis from the Pnyx


From the Acropolis

Artistic shot of the columns on the Acropolis by Tom

I finally got to ride a donkey!

Valley of the Butterflies. Unforunately, butterfly-less but still pretty

In the Venetian ruins of Old Rhodes

Istanbul-to be added once I get the photos


Shot from Palamadi of the Argive Plain

The Corinth Canal, which seperates Attica from the Peloponnese

The stadium at Epidarus, the healing sanctuary

The most acoustically perfect theater in the Mediterranean. Ain't bad to look at either


Methone- castle in the ocean. The Venetians know how to do it.


Mycenae- Tomb of Agamemnon



On the citadel of Mystra

Fort at Nafplia

Water fortress in Nafplia called, I want to say a Boutari but that might be the name for the pit used to sacrifice to heroes. One or the other.

Palamadi view


Descent from the Thousand Step staircase in Palamadi

The toppled columns from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, which held the Statue of Zeus one of the Wonders of the Ancient World.


Shot from the Grand Canal

St. Michael's Square



A shamelessly reconstructed Knossos

The Malata Caves, man-made sarcophagi pits from the Roman period later used as a crash pad for hippies and featured on the cover of TIME

The longest written legal code inscribed on stone


Paros Revisited

Windmill by Hillary

Beach near Brauron